Sexy faces (DL.)


Requested: Sebastian and Blaine’s talking about why Blaine transferred to McKinley. + Santana and Rachel singing ”A Boy Like That”. 

Yup, I’m Gay. 100% Gay. (DL.)



The New Yorkers telling about their big day (DL.)

Kurt finds out about and is not amused (DL.)

Sam cockblocking (DL.)

That anon who asked for Sam cockblocking: the DL is online. If everything goes smoothly it will be online tomorrow (CEST)

Anonymous asked:
"You should put up (if you have it) the scene that happens after Come What May (with Kurt crying and Santana talking about how Kurt and Blaine used to talk about singing that song at their wedding)."

Oh man, I should.

But once again I’d like to remind you that the downloadlinks aren’t mine. You have to request it to blaisaac

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