Kurt’s first day at Dalton (DL.)

@chordover Throwback. I Miss this guy! @marksalling again as Blaine

"… it might make me straight"  (DL.)

Prom dresses (DL.)

Kurtcedes Locker (DL.)

(Warning: David Karofsky before he turned on a new leaf)


Hey guys, I know it’s been a while, but I’m back. I just got home from Italy (*cough*fourorfivedaysago*cough*) and I thought this video was fitting.

Sadly, the video isn’t avaible in all the countries, but yeah.

Sexy faces (DL.)


Requested: Sebastian and Blaine’s talking about why Blaine transferred to McKinley. + Santana and Rachel singing ”A Boy Like That”. 

Yup, I’m Gay. 100% Gay. (DL.)